Sunday, November 17, 2013

USA Hospitality J1 Internship

International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc.

Thank you to some of our excellent trainees for sharing their pictures with us!  If you would like to share your USA internship experience with IRES please send your pictures too

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USA Hospitality Internship

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US J1 Internship

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USA hospitality J1 visa training program up to 12 months in well-known international chain hotels.

Review from one of our current trainee.

IRE Services, Inc.

Good day! Ms. Andrea,

My USA internship is going truly well and the learnings I earn every day from the program are just priceless. I encounter various challenges but I've learned to take them as my motivation to grow every single day. I find the system of my workplace very educational, wherein right before every shifts, all the staff gathers together with chefs and managers to share culinary, food and service, hospitality knowledge to keep everyone as power of our restaurant. It is very motivating for self-development too, to keep myself learning all new knowledge. I am being valued and appreciated by my colleagues who just make me keep loving my workplace and the people I work with.

Washington DC as states' capital is just an amazing place for everything. I have met many different people and have been exposed to American culture and history naturally because I live just right in it. I am very lucky to have met these two young American ladies as my roommates because they are always open to my culture and are also very willing to teach me the American cultures and ethics that I've never been expose to. My recent travel with them to Rhode Island and Boston was amazing. I did see many things and have been to many places I never thought I could have, it almost felt like a dream during the whole trip.

I wanted to thank you and your team Ms. Andrea for making this internship come true for me. It has almost been 4 months already and so far I still believe I have so much else to learn and see. Thank you for always following up through it gives me the warmth of guardian in a place away from home.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day,
Yeo Seul

Monday, October 14, 2013

Trainee pictures

Thank you to some of our excellent trainees for sharing their pictures with us!  If you would like to share your USA internship experience with IRES please send your pictures too

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USA internship

J1 visa
Hospitality internship

Hospitality internship
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USA hospitality internship
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USA culinary internship
Culinary training

USA internship
J1 visa Culinary training

Culinary training
J1 culinary placement

USA hospitality J1 visa training program up to 12 months in well-known international chain hotels.

Monday, September 23, 2013

USA Internship, J1 Hospitality Placement

Review from one of our former J1 trainee.


I am a former J1 placed in Tampa Florida, i then renewed my visa to an H3 visa
Both times i used I.R.E.S & Deal with Kelley Burris
Granted i would love her to be like superwoman! but when it comes to such things they need to be dealt with, with patience & sived with a fine tooth comb
I did check each time different agencies & their prices & Kelley isnt the most expensive but i can tell you this:
She is informative, reliable, through, friendly & even when i have had issues she has always followed up with emails, calls & once gave me her personal cell phone when things got tough (personal related) i have come across other trainees at the hotel i worked & were horried to learn:
1. there were misinformed about pay, housing etc
2. Some agencies charged interns $100 a month for the duration of their program on top of the above fees listed
Also any additional information immigration may need Kelley was more than happy to help me write such letters & i can tell you OTHER agencies wont be so faithful to assist

I still get emails from Kelley asking how i can from time to time & she also follows up with the hotel/company directly to check on your progress (i was informed of this from my hotel)
1. Agency is accredited
2. Feel free to shop around but make notes of inclusions
3. Ensure that you are aware of refund policies if apply
4. IMPORTANT ensure agency is in good standing order with immigration! I KNOW one intern j1 got denied because the company wasnt in good standing order (could be too many rejections from same company or not following the law etc) so MAKE SURE YOU ASK BECAUSE IT DOES MATTER I BELIEVE "THEIR SUCCESS RATE IS HIGH & ASK HOW MANY REJECTIONS" THEY HAVE HAD that's how you know a good company from a bad one......YES IT DOES MATTER TO IMMIGRATION!
So if anyone wants more info please feel free to contact me directly on J1/H3 visa

I have never looked back & please give her a try

Chantelle from England living in Tampa Florida