Sunday, November 17, 2013

USA Hospitality J1 Internship

International Recruitment Exchange Services, Inc.

Thank you to some of our excellent trainees for sharing their pictures with us!  If you would like to share your USA internship experience with IRES please send your pictures too

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USA hospitality J1 visa training program up to 12 months in well-known international chain hotels.

Review from one of our current trainee.

IRE Services, Inc.

Good day! Ms. Andrea,

My USA internship is going truly well and the learnings I earn every day from the program are just priceless. I encounter various challenges but I've learned to take them as my motivation to grow every single day. I find the system of my workplace very educational, wherein right before every shifts, all the staff gathers together with chefs and managers to share culinary, food and service, hospitality knowledge to keep everyone as power of our restaurant. It is very motivating for self-development too, to keep myself learning all new knowledge. I am being valued and appreciated by my colleagues who just make me keep loving my workplace and the people I work with.

Washington DC as states' capital is just an amazing place for everything. I have met many different people and have been exposed to American culture and history naturally because I live just right in it. I am very lucky to have met these two young American ladies as my roommates because they are always open to my culture and are also very willing to teach me the American cultures and ethics that I've never been expose to. My recent travel with them to Rhode Island and Boston was amazing. I did see many things and have been to many places I never thought I could have, it almost felt like a dream during the whole trip.

I wanted to thank you and your team Ms. Andrea for making this internship come true for me. It has almost been 4 months already and so far I still believe I have so much else to learn and see. Thank you for always following up through it gives me the warmth of guardian in a place away from home.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day,
Yeo Seul